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GSU Opportunities For Students

Global Ambassadors Freshman Learning Community

No idea what your chosen field will be? Whatever it will be, you can be certain that it will have an international component. Get a head start by exploring how international perspectives will enhance any field of study. This Freshman Learning Community (FLC) offers you the opportunity to investigate global aspects of your professional and personal development. Designed to engage you in a comprehensive international dialogue, it is open to students from any field who recognize the importance of expanding their horizons. The courses offered in this cluster are designed to demonstrate the benefits of and provide tools for engineering an international experience. As you learn how to become a global ambassador, you will be challenged to make the world a better place by exploring how your contribution to society will be greatly enhanced by internationalizing it. Staff members of Study Abroad Programs serve as Advisors for this FLC and also teach the GSU 1010 course.
More info: http://success.students.gsu.edu/first-year-programs/freshman-learning-communities/

IEP-Intensive English Program Activities and Events
This office offers several opportunities for interacting with non-native speakers of English to help improve their language skills. Activities such as Conversation Partners and Intercultural Conversation Exchange are great ways to interact with international students, meet new people, share your culture, and learn about others.
More info: http://iep.gsu.edu/

Office of Intercultural Relations
As a Georgia State student, you are already on the path to becoming a world citizen. Come share your ideas, experiences, activities and the richness of many cultures with people from a variety of backgrounds by becoming involved with the Intercultural Relations (IR) program. IR promotes cross-cultural awareness, interaction, communication and mutual learning through the integration of engaging activities, allowing individuals from various cultures to interact. Activities organized by IR are your window to the world of cultures.
More info: http://www2.gsu.edu/interculturalrelations

University Resources

Georgia State University Office of Legal Affairs
Our office works closely with the Georgia State Office of Legal Affairs to make sure that our procedures, policies, and forms are consistent with University policy and to minimize risk to the institution and to its faculty, staff, and students in study abroad programs. Legal Affairs is available to assist Program Directors with contracts used in the planning and execution of their programs.
More info: http://www.gsu.edu/legal/

Georgia State University Study Abroad Advisory Committee
Comprised of faculty members from each of the six GSU colleges as well as other units of the university, this committee meets regularly to discuss current issues regarding study abroad at Georgia State University, including broader university policy as it relates to study abroad. To learn more about the SAAC and its activities, please contact our office.

Georgia State University Office of Student Financial Aid
Study Abroad Programs works closely with this office to help ensure that students are able, as much as possible, to make use of their financial aid while they are studying abroad.
More info: http://www.gsu.edu/financialaid/

Georgia State University Offices of Academic Advisement
For students who receive transfer credit for their work abroad, assistance from these offices is essential for pre-approval of their coursework. Study Abroad Programs works closely with each of these offices to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.