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Attend a Globe Trekker Seminar as soon as possible. At the seminar, you will receive your Compass Handbook, which includes necessary forms, as well as guidance on how to select and apply for a program, how to have your coursework transferred back to Georgia State, and how to line up financial aid. A Study Abroad Advisor will provide you with an orientation to the Study Abroad Resource Library, and also answer your specific questions about studying abroad. It is never too early to begin exploring the exciting possibilities of study abroad.

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Study Abroad Myths

LaurenBrowning_KaifengPagoda_KaifengParkIsBuiltReplicatingFamousKaifengPaintingOfSongDynastyStudying abroad is too expensive. Studying abroad can actually be very affordable! There are scholarships and financial aid available, plus a variety of very well priced programs. Explore our website to learn more.

Financial Aid can’t be used toward study abroad costs. False. Almost any type of financial aid that you receive in a given term can be used toward study abroad for that same term.

I’m not fluent in another language, so I can only study in the UK or Australia. Students who are not fluent in a foreign language can still study in non-English speaking countries. You have a wide variety of programs to choose from, ranging from American style universities to program providers that offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced language instruction

The credits I earn abroad won’t transfer back to Georgia State. If you participate in a Georgia State faculty-led program, you will earn GSU credit. If you participate in a non-Georgia State program, you will earn transfer credit, which must be pre-approved before you go abroad.

I won’t graduate on time if I study abroad. You can earn credit toward your major area and general degree electives. A meeting with your Academic Advisor can answer many questions about what credits you will need to graduate on time.

It’s too competitive to be accepted into a study abroad program. If you take your application seriously and make a good effort in school, you should have no problem being accepted into a program. However, there are some programs that are more selective.

Studying abroad won’t benefit my career plans. Even if the subjects you will be studying do not relate to your intended career field, studying abroad shows employers that you have experience communicating with other cultures and will likely show a good deal of independence.

Georgia State doesn’t offer any programs to the location I want to go. While GSU has many opportunities all around the world, we realize you may want to go to a location that we do not offer. Students are allowed to participate in thousands of non-Georgia State programs all around the world.