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Broadening Horizons

The Study Abroad Programs office is dedicated to finding ways to make sure the demographic of study abroad students at Georgia State University more closely mirrors the broad mosaic of students that are currently studying at this University. Our Broadening Horizons initiative was created with the input of students, staff, and faculty, and we continue to look for improved ways to assist our students. Please consider the following opportunities and resources, and don’t hesitate to meet with a study abroad advisor regarding any of your concerns about study abroad.

Minority Scholarships

The cost of Study Abroad is a concern for many students.  Fortunately, financial aid and student loans can help to defray the costs.  Please see our scholarship resources for more information!

Broadening Horizons Minority Mentor Program
Join and be a mentor or a mentee! Your mentor will meet with you at a time convenient to both of you for one semester and discuss the wonderful experience that study abroad is, as well as answer any questions you may have. As a mentee, this is a great way to learn from others before you travel abroad. As a mentor, this is an excellent opportunity to continue to share the experience you had abroad. To join, simply complete the following application and submit it to our office.

To become a mentee: Broadening Horizons Minority Mentee Application

For returned study abroad students, to become a mentor:  Broadening Horizons Minority Mentor Application

Events for Broadening Horizons Mentors/Mentees include:

  • Broadening Horizons Meet & Greet
  • Minority Students Abroad Panel
  • and more!

Listen to Your Peers!

Since becoming a mentee of the Minority Mentor Program, I have learned quite a bit about what Study Abroad has to offer to someone from my background. Before I began the program, I merely skirted around the issue of going abroad to pursue academic studies. I did not feel as though study abroad would actually benefit me in the long run. Because I was afraid of leaving home, I talked myself out of going abroad on several different occasions. Even when I began to seriously consider going overseas to continue with my academic studies, I had tons of doubts and questions at the back of my mind-questions that I felt were too delicate to discuss with my study abroad advisor. By developing a one-on-one relationship with a mentor, my doubts were quelled. My questions were answered with an insider’s knowledge and understanding. Now, I cannot wait to study abroad! I am eager to leave my individualistic world behind and learn about someone else’s.
– Female African American Student