Study Abroad FAQs

Who can study abroad?

  • Anyone, regardless of major, whether or not they receive financial aid, whether or not they speak or are studying another language, as long as they have established a GSU GPA that is in good academic standing in time to have their courses abroad pre-approved.

What programs are available?

  • GSU has programs to all regions of the world in a variety of disciplines.  In 2013-2014, GSU programs traveled to Argentina, Brazil, Belize, China, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Nicaragua, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and many more!
  • Students can also participate in programs that are not sponsored by GSU, which means there are even more locations to choose from!

What can I study while I’m abroad?

  • Practically anything that you can study here at Georgia State University, as well as many things that you can’t!

Where can I go?

  • Anywhere that has an accredited academic program.  The only exception is that IEF monies cannot be used towards a program in a country that is under a state department travel warning.

When can I go and for how long?

  • Programs are as short as two weeks or as long as a full academic year.
  • The earliest that a GSU student can go abroad is any time after they have established a GSU GPA in good standing.  So, for freshman, it would be Maymester or Summer after their freshman year.
  • Students can study abroad for their last semester, but may not be able to receive their diploma until the following semester if their grades do not transfer back from abroad in time (which is often the case).

How can I afford it?

  • Any Financial Aid (including HOPE) that you currently receive can be used towards any pre-approved study abroad program!
  • The Study Abroad Programs Office offers 2 scholarships every semester: the IEF & Global Experiences Scholarship (GES);

Why should I go?

  • Builds resume, very impressive to potential employer and grad schools.
  • Take classes that are not offered in Atlanta
  • Learn in a completely different way than you do in a classroom on campus
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence and is LOADS of fun.

How do I get started?