Transient Students

Students who would be considered transient/visiting students at Georgia State University and wish to receive credit for a study abroad course will be required to complete the following steps:

1. Apply to the Georgia State study abroad program of your choice by searching for the program on our website and create an online study abroad account, then complete the online application. Also contact the appropriate Program Director and follow any additional steps required for that particular program.

2. Submit an application for admission to Georgia State and a non-refundable $60 application fee. The application form for transient undergraduate students is available at the Admissions website. Non-Georgia State graduate students should contact the appropriate college’s Graduate Assistance Office to request an application packet.

3. Submit a letter of good standing and permission to attend Georgia State from the Registrar’s Office at your current/home institution. Undergraduate transient applicants should submit their transient permission letter to Georgia State University Admissions at PO Box 4009, Atlanta, GA 30302-4009.

4. Once you have been accepted to Georgia State, if you are an undergraduate, you will receive an acceptance letter along with a special newsletter that provides you with information about registering, the immunization requirement, etc. IMPORTANT: Undergraduates will also receive a bookmark that tells you how to access your Georgia State email account and your GoSolar account. Make sure to check these accounts regularly as you will receive crucial information there about payment and registration procedures. Also, check out the Next Steps for Accepted Students webpage. Graduate students should contact their appropriate Graduate Assistance Office for information about registering and payment procedures.

5. Register for your class. All in/out-of-state students will be responsible for their own registration in the appropriate Georgia State courses after consultation with the program director. Program size is limited, so early application is strongly advised.

6. Pay your tuition and program fee to Georgia State University online through PAWS. To receive in-state tuition, out-of-state students will be charged an additional, one-time fee of $250. If your tuition rate and fees do not reflect the appropriate charges, please contact the Study Abroad Programs office at 404-413-2529. Please note that all students will be dropped from their classes for non-payment after the university deadline. For a complete list of program costs, please visit your program’s webpage.

7. Contact the Study Abroad Programs office at 404-413-2529 to make sure you have completed all the necessary steps.

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