Advertising your Program

While your own class presentations are critical to recruitment, Study Abroad Programs is available to assist you with advertising your program. This is a vital aspect of coordinating a study abroad program that requires a lot of time and planning. If you would like to ensure that your program is as visible as possible to a wide audience of students, please consider the following ways that we can help you spread the word.


Brochures are a great way to advertise your program. Brochures can easily be handed out in your classes, at the Study Abroad Fair, and put on display in our Study Abroad Resource Library. We have created, in collaboration with the office of University Relations, a very effective and attractive award-winning template for brochure design. This design includes standard language on important issues, including refund information and information for students with disabilities. For all approved programs, Study Abroad Programs will pay for the design and production of up to 300 brochures per year that follow this template. Many Program Directors make use of funds leftover from the previous year to support the cost of additional brochures, if needed. It is important to have your brochure template completed/updated so that brochures can be ready in time to use them at the Study Abroad Fairs in the Fall and Spring. Please contact us with questions about brochure design and production.

Study Abroad Fair

Our annual Study Abroad Fair is held every October in the Student Center Ballroom. We have representatives from over 60 study, work, intern, and volunteer abroad organizations, as well as offices from around campus that may be of interest to internationally-minded students. We try to create a relaxed and festive atmosphere that allows students to browse program offerings and get excited about the possibility of joining one. This year, we had over 1,300 students in attendance. Each program will have one table that can be staffed by the Program Director and/or another representative of the program. Registration opens during the summer and registration forms should be returned to our office by early September to guarantee a table, as we typically fill all of our tables by late September.

Study Abroad Programs Website

Most GSU students begin at our website when they are looking for programs. When we receive an approval for a program in the fall, we automatically update our GSU program sections to include that information. In order to be as accurate as possible, please take a look at the existing program pages, see what kind of information we provide, and keep us up to date on your details. Also, if your program has a website, we are happy to add the link here as well.

Other ways that we advertise study abroad across campus

  • Information tables on Library Plaza (year-round)
  • Incept Campus Connections (17 in summer, one in spring)
  • Various events during Panther Welcome Week
  • Panther Previews (several each year)
  • Our own "How to Afford Study Abroad" Workshop (fall and spring)
  • Our annual Broadening Horizons Minority Students and Study Abroad Panel Discussion (fall)
  • GSU 1010 classes (encouraging faculty to send their students to our events and sending returned study abroad students to speak to their classes)
  • Classroom presentations (fall and spring)
  • Signal advertisements and articles (fall and spring)

NAFSA: Association of International Educators Listserve

This listserve is used by study abroad professionals around the world. If you would like to share information on your program with a larger audience in an attempt to attract transient students, please contact us and we will be happy to post your program information on your behalf. For more information on NAFSA, click here: