Faculty-led Program Directors

The information found in this section is provided to aid you in your program development and management. Here you will find information to help you plan and propose a new program, gain approval or renew your program, advertise your program, and prepare for your program’s departure. We have also included some additional resources for both you and your students. Study Abroad Programs thanks you for your dedication to our students and for the hard work you put into study abroad. We are here to support you and hope that you will find these resources helpful.

ATLAS Student Assistant Program

In addition to the IEF and Global Experience Scholarship programs, the International Education Fee also supports faculty-led programs by funding the paid student assistant program ATLAS (Aspire, Travel, Learn, Achieve, Share). The ATLAS program allows study abroad students to work for their program director before they travel abroad and earn funds to help offset the cost. If you are a Program Director interested in hiring an ATLAS student to assist you with your program, please contact Ryan Rathmann at rrathmann@gsu.edu. Each program director may choose one ATLAS student per program.