Faculty Sponsors of Int’l Internships & Independent Study

Students who earn Georgia State University credit for overseas internships and independent study courses fall under the Study Abroad Management Guidelines. Therefore, students must complete a Student Data Sheet, turn in a Physician’s Certificate, provide a copy of their passport, and purchase international health insurance through TW Lord & Associates.

Georgia State University does not support student travel to countries where there is currently a U.S. State Department Travel Warning. Students may not receive GSU credit or receive institutional scholarships or financial aid if they choose to study in these locations.

The student will need to work closely with an advisor in the Study Abroad Programs office to complete all necessary steps.

As a faculty sponsor, you are responsible for ensuring the student is registered for the appropriate course and completes all required academic work. The student’s Academic Advisor must also approve the student by signing the Student Data Sheet.

Please advise your students to start an International Internship or International Independent Study application online to begin the process. Students can find more information and links to these applications under the “Getting Started” link, and then clicking on the “Intern/Work/Volunteer Abroad” link.