Prospective Study Abroad Students

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Contact the Study Abroad Programs Office to get in touch with a recently returned study abroad student from your program(s) of choice!

Study Abroad How-To

Study Abroad 101 & Advising

Please direct your initial inquires about study abroad to

Attending a Study Abroad 101 Info Session is your first step to study abroad! In this info session you’ll get a good grasp of how study abroad works at GSU, what kinds of programs are available & tons of scholarship resources! Study Abroad 101 info sessions are held twice daily in our office: Monday – Friday, 10 AM & 3 PM
After attending a Study Abroad 101 info session, you can meet with a Study Abroad Advisor during walk-in advising hours on Tuesdays-Thursdays from 9:00 – noon & 1:00 – 5:00 PM.

Info for Parents

We’ve addressed some common parental concerns on our website & also recommend reading A Parent Guide to Study Abroad.

Identity Abroad

Resources for LGBTQ students, students of color, first generation college students,, non-traditional students & students with disabilities.

How to Pay for Study Abroad

From using your financial aid and applying for scholarships to starting a crowdfunding campaign, we break down how to fund your study abroad! Also make sure to download our scholarship resource handout
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How to Apply

This is your one-stop-shop for all the information you need to know about applying for a program, including step-by-step timelines for each type of program, eligibility requirements & instructions for transient students!