IEF & GES Service Requirements

Students who receive a scholarship from the GSU Study Abroad Programs Office are responsible for service requirements upon their return from study abroad. The service component of the scholarship you receive is a way to “pay it forward” to your peers here at GSU. Below you will find information regarding the service requirements for our two main scholarships, the IEF & GES.

For questions about your IEF Scholarship Service Requirements, please contact Emily Caskey (

  • Students awarded the IEF Scholarship must complete their service by the following fall or spring semester (i.e. students who receive the IEF for spring must complete their service by the end of the following fall. Students who receive the IEF for summer must complete their IEF service by the end of the fall semester as well; students who receive the IEF for fall have until the end of the spring semester to complete their service.
  • Allowances will be made for students who receive the IEF one semester, but are still abroad the following semester.
  • Students who receive the IEF for multiple terms will be responsible for a corresponding number of service requirements.
  • Alternative arrangements can be arranged for students who are no longer local to Atlanta and should be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Recipients of the IEF must complete the following 4 service requirements

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