Returned Students

So you’ve studied abroad…now what!? Below you will find information about ways to get involved on campus and resourcing for making the most of your study abroad experience now that you’re back on campus.


Events for Returned Students

Make sure to check out our calendar for events specifically geared towards returned study abroad students, including opportunities to speak about your experience, study abroad meet & greets, and more!
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Scholarship Service Requirements

If you received a scholarship from the Study Abroad Programs Office, a Study Abroad Advisor will be in touch with you about completing your scholarship service requirements.
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Study Abroad & Your Career

We’ve collected a list of resources about incorporating study abroad on your resume, cover letter & interview. You’ll also find materials from our workshop Beyond “It was Awesome”: Study Abroad & Your Career.

Get Involved!

Volunteering with the international community here on campus is a great way to “extend” your study abroad experience while gaining leadership experience, volunteer hours, and making connections with your international peers. There are tons of opportunities here on campus!

Lessons from Abroad Conference

Attend the annual Lessons from Abroad Georgia Conference to help make sense of your study abroad experience. LFA is typically held in the fall, so check back at the beginning of the fall semester to find out the specifics for this year’s conference!

Study Abroad Photo Contest

Every year we host a photo contest for students who’ve studied abroad during the previous academic year. View all of last year’s photo contest winners!
Submit Your Photos! 

Global Living LLC @ the Lofts

The Global Living LLC is specially designed for International Students, Global Studies students, Study Abroad participants and students who just love to travel and learn about the world in which we live. This cross-cultural experience offers special programs, social activities and interactions through which residents can make friends with people from all over the world while learning about their cultures. The challenges, joys and opportunities of becoming a global citizen are explored and celebrated. Learn more about living in an LLC and apply via the University Housing website.