Other Study Abroad Scholarships

Georgia State students find scholarships from a variety of sources. Some colleges and departments within the University offer their own scholarship programs for study abroad students. Additionally, outside organizations offer scholarships. Please learn more about the many opportunities by browsing through these scholarships.

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Coca-Cola Global Ambassador Scholarship  This scholarship provides study abroad scholarships to first generation college students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Georgia State University.

Other GSU scholarships for study abroad (click here for scholarships from select GSU academic departments)

Gilman Scholarship This scholarship provides awards for U.S. Citizen undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding and plan to participate in study abroad program that is at least 28 days in length.

Boren Scholarship (for students who will be studying in Asia, Africa, Latin America, or Eastern Europe)

Kortney Easterly Cosmopolitan Scholarship This scholarship is open to all full-time, undergraduate students who meet the minimum requirements; preference is given to students who have never traveled abroad.

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