Alumni Reflections

Harrison – Policy Studies in Europe

My international study abroad was a life changing experience. Seeing that this was my first trip overseas, I had a lot to learn about the world and other people and their cultures. I had never been to Europe; however, I have always had such a great admiration to European culture. I have always seen pictures… more »

Lauren – Tropical Island Ecology (St. John, Virgin Islands)

“Being a student athlete, I really did not think I would be able to study abroad. Pursuing a Biology degree is time consuming enough, but when you also add a D1 division sport into the mix it almost seems impossible to study abroad. I always thought it would be beneficial to study abroad because not… more »

Nia – Exchange: Hanyang University (Seoul, South Korea)

“For one, getting the chance to be immersed firsthand in a new culture allowed me to understand better the country I was so interested in for years. No longer was Korea just the land of K-pop or Dramas, on the contrary, I got the chance to interact and live amongst the everyday people and see… more »

Davit – Study Abroad in China: Sport & Exercise Science

As the trip in China was coming to an end, I was able to discuss my experience in this written report. In order to address my thoughts entering a foreign country, I must state the reasons why I considered studying in China. The reason I chose to attend China was because I have always wanted… more »

Ashley – Engaging EFL Teachers & Learners in an INTL Setting: Mexico

“All of the experiences of this trip have renewed my passion and pride for my profession, and reminded me of how much each country and culture has to teach me.”

When I was approached about going on this trip, I was immediately interested because it was a way to get credit while getting out of… more »

Miriam – Race, Gender & Class in Contemporary South Africa

“In studying abroad, my goal was not to simply visit, but rather fully immerse myself in the culture, interact fully and grasp an understanding of the customs of South Africa in hopes to gain cross-cultural appreciation. I now further understand the similarities of race, gender, and class when it comes to the Black American and… more »

William – Landscapes of Memory: History, Culture, and Historic Preservation in Cuba

“Cuba is a fascinating, difficult and misunderstood place. The infrastructure in Havana and across the Cuban countryside is crumbling, but the culture and energy of the people remains so vibrant.”

Name: William Program Name: Landscapes of Memory: History, Culture, and Historic Preservation in Cuba Host Country: Cuba Study Abroad Type: Short-Term Faculty-Led Program School/College: College… more »

Gabriella – Exchange: University of Paris IV – The Sorbonne

“Since I was living on my own and had to make all new friends, I had no comfort zone in which to retreat, and was thus forced to become stronger in my interactions with others. Although the year I spent abroad presented me with many challenges, I was able to overcome all of them and… more »

Melissa – ECEE Spring Break: Norway

Traveling to Norway provided ample opportunity for discovery, observing, and learning. One of my favorite components of the trip as a whole was experiencing places and events that I have no prior experience with. These experiences broadened my horizon as an individual, a teacher, and a member of the Deaf community of Atlanta. While every… more »

Nicole – Cross Cultural Perspectives on Health and Physical Therapy

I stepped off the plane in Jinotega, Nicaragua with the wide eyes of a tourist. I was eager to help but uncertain about what I could do. The culture and the language of this new country fascinated me; I wanted to see and experience as much as I could during my short stay in Nicaragua.… more »