GSU Online Students FAQs

GSU students in Spain

Can GSU Online students study abroad?

Absolutely! As a GSU Online student, you have the opportunity to study abroad during your undergraduate or graduate education, and we encourage you to do so.   You can earn core, major, and/or elective credit towards your GSU degree while becoming a global citizen, achieve language proficiency and develop self-confidence and cross-cultural skills.  You can also develop long-lasting friendships with other GSU students on the program.  To find programs, please visit Study Abroad Programs search.

Can GSU Online students use their financial aid to study abroad?

Yes.  Please speak to a financial aid advisor about using your aid towards study abroad.

Can GSU Online students receive scholarships to study abroad?

Yes.  As a GSU Online student, you qualify for GSU study abroad scholarships and can apply to nationally prestigious study abroad scholarships, such as the Gilman scholarship, Boren scholarship, Critical Language Scholarship, and Fund for Education Abroad, as well.  GSU Online students can benefit from the IEF scholarship or the IAS scholarship through the Study Abroad Programs office. For more information on all study abroad scholarships, please visit GSU Study Abroad Scholarships.

What types of study abroad programs can GSU Online students participate in?

As a GSU Online student, you can participate in faculty-led programs, exchange programs and/or non-GSU programs.  Faculty-led programs are led by GSU faculty members, include mostly other GSU students, can vary in length and are for GSU credit. Exchange programs are semester-long programs during which you study at a foreign university, taking courses at that university, with their students, and transfer the credits back to GSU upon completion.  If you do not find a faculty-led or exchange program for your interests, you can find an accredited program on your own and transfer the credits back to GSU.

I work and have a tight schedule. Are there short-term programs available?

Yes, most of our faculty-led programs range from one week to three weeks in duration, and there are many from which to choose. Take a look here, or meet with an advisor to find one that works for you!

What are the next steps for GSU Online students who want to study abroad?

Are there any virtual study abroad programs for GSU Online students?

As a GSU Online student, you can participate in a virtual study abroad program.  Virtual programs differ from term to term, so check with a study abroad advisor to see what’s available.