Study Abroad FAQ

Study abroad is an integral part of a student’s college experience because it will:

  • help you expand your horizons
  • help you become more confident & independent
  • make you more well-rounded and marketable in the job market
  • help you become more flexible
  • deepen your understanding of your courses by making classroom learning come to life!

Whew! That’s a mouthful! And those are just some of the reasons you should study abroad! Check our calendar to see when the next returned student event or study abroad fair is for a chance to chat to study abroad alumni. All of our Study Abroad Peer Advisors have participated in study abroad and are available to speak with you as well!

Anyone, regardless of major, can study abroad! While some of our programs do have language requirements, the vast majority of our programs are taught in English! GSU has programs to all regions of the world in a variety of majors. Students can also participate in programs that are not sponsored by GSU, which means there are even more locations to choose from! Read more about program types and things to consider when choosing a program to help you decide which program is right for you!
You’ll find that our short-term faculty-led programs focus on a specific subject matter. For example, you could be exploring the Race, Gender & Class in Contemporary South Africa or studying International Business & Marketing in North Africa. We also offer language programs in French, Spanish & Arabic. Most GSU faculty-led programs are upper-level courses, which means you could earn upper-level major or elective credit. Our exchange programs offer the unique opportunity to enroll in courses at a foreign university, so you may be taking classes that you wouldn’t be able to take here at GSU. If you’re looking to earn core credit (English 1101, etc), you should look into University System of Georgia (USG) program options or provider programs, since they tend to offer a wider variety of core courses.
Currently, we offer both in-person and virtually. To learn if your program is being conducted in-person or virtually, refer to your program overview on the study abroad website.
Yes! We have programs as short as one week long during spring break! The majority of GSU students go abroad during Maymester & Summer and the average program length is about two weeks. But of course if you wanted to study abroad for a semester or longer, that’s an option, too.
The length of time you choose to study abroad is your decision! Study abroad offers multiple options for studying abroad that range from short term to long term.

  • Faculty-led summer programs are short-term
  • Spring Break study abroad programs are usually 7-9 days
  • Exchange programs allow students to spend a semester or full academic year at a partner university abroad
Any Financial Aid (including HOPE) that you currently receive can be used towards any pre-approved study abroad program! Students should request a referral from Enrollment Services to speak with a financial aid advisor about financial aid for study abroad to discuss their specific situation. Make sure to check out the list of forms required to receive financial aid for study abroad, because different types of programs require different forms.

The Study Abroad Programs Office offers 2 scholarships every semester: the IEF & the International Access Scholarship. Additionally, you’ll find scholarship resources for students studying abroad on our website as well as scholarship workshops & how to afford study abroad info sessions every semester.

Once you’ve applied to study abroad, the program director will send an acceptance email. However, there isn’t a fixed date of acceptance into a program. Therefore, the timing varies.