Identity Abroad

Georgia State University study abroad students reflect the diversity of students attending GSU. As such, the Study Abroad Programs Office recognizes that students often self-identify in many different ways and choose which facets of themselves to share (or not to share) while studying abroad. You may also find that how you self-identify is not how you’re identified abroad. We’ve collected some links to resources below for students seeking support. Of course, these resources are just a jumping off point. Please drop by the Study Abroad Programs Office during open advising hours (click the link to see our current advising schedule) to speak with an advisor to discuss any concerns you may have prior to studying abroad.

I’ve you’d like to share a story or resource with the Study Abroad Programs Office that you think would help other students, please email us at!

General Resources

Resources for Students of Color

Resources for Students with Disabilities

Resources for LGBTQ Students

Resources for Students with Mental Illness

Resources for Veterans