Faculty-Led Programs

Georgia State University offers tons of short-term study abroad program options, from 1 week spring break programs to 5 week summer language programs and all that’s in between! These types of programs are led by Georgia State University professors and tend to be focused on a particular topic or theme. Ranging from 10-20 participants, short-term faculty-led programs are a great way to really get to know your professors and classmates while earning GSU credit abroad! Students participate in lectures, site visits, excursions, and cultural tours as part of the program.

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Application Timelines

Although many of the steps are the same when applying to a Spring Break or a Maymester/Summer faculty-led program, there are very important differences in program application & scholarship deadlines, so please pay close attention to the program’s brochure page. Applications for Spring Break & Maymester/Summer programs typically open during the beginning of the fall semester. Students planning to study abroad during Spring Break and during the Maymester/Summer terms should plan to complete the following steps during the fall semester.

Meeting with a Peer Advisor is your first step in studying abroad! Study Abroad Peer Advising is held Monday - Thursday, 9am - 4pm, when classes are in session during fall and spring semester.

Study Abroad Peer Advising Hours: Monday - Thursday from 9:00am - 4:00pm.

Study Abroad Advisors are here to guide you through the entire study abroad process, from choosing a program and applying to scholarships to making sure your credits transfer in and readjusting to life back on campus when you return. After you meet with a Peer Advisor to learn the basics about studying abroad, you are eligible to come in to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor during walk-in advising hours. We have walk-in advising hours Tuesday-Thursday from 9:00 - noon & 1:00 - 5:00 PM. On Mondays and Fridays we are available if you have quick questions or need help with paperwork, but not for individual advising. View the complete advising schedule here.
Expressing your interest to the faculty member(s) in charge of your program will make you a more memorable applicant! Plus they can answer any questions you have about the program. Program director contact info can be found on the program's online brochure page.
Application deadlines vary, so please pay attention to the deadline listed on the program's brochure page. Login here to complete your application through our online application portal. Make sure that each component of the application is complete. If you have any questions about how to apply for a study abroad program, please contact our office at [email protected]

  • Visit our scholarships page to learn more about the IEF & International Access Scholarships as well as other institutional & national study abroad scholarships you may qualify for!
  • Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor to go over your scholarship essays and get tips specific to writing study abroad scholarship essays!
  • Need help funding your study abroad? Check our calendar for upcoming workshops like How to Afford Study Abroad & Scholarship Essay Workshops!

Accepted Student Next Steps

Once you’ve been accepted to a program, learn about the next steps for Accepted Students!

Accepted Student Next Steps