Program Providers

Program Providers are for-profit businesses or nonprofit organizations that organize the logistics for overseas academic experiences. Georgia State University has a select group of providers called the “Affiliates,” which often offer discounts to Georgia State students.

Georgia State is affiliated with ISA, AIFS, API, and CEA, but there are a variety of program providers, many of which you’ll find when you search for programs on our website. Provider programs tend to be an all-inclusive experience, but pay attention. The program fee associated with provider programs likely does not include airfare, though you will find it covers your accommodations, some or most meals, group excursions, airport pick-up, student visa help and more. Students who participate in provider programs will attend classes and excursions with other American students and with local students in rare occasions. Typically, these programs offers a lot of core credit opportunities and fill the gap when Georgia State doesn’t have a program that fits your needs in the country you want to visit.

Tip: When searching programs on our application portal, Georgia State programs will always be listed at the top of the search results, followed by provider programs.

Search Programs 

If you find a program not listed on our application portal, please email so that one of the Study Abroad advisors can properly vet the program. If it’s not a program provider we’ve worked with previously or an international university we’re unfamiliar with, we will do some research into the organization and the institution providing credit. Your transcript must come from an accredited institution. Georgia State University does not accept transcripts from Study Abroad Study Centers.

Steps to Apply for a Provider Program

Once you've chosen a program, apply directly to the Program Provider. Ultimately, the provider will decide if you're accepted to the program or not. There may be additional forms you need to complete for the study abroad provider. If you need a study abroad advisor's signature, please stop by from 9am - noon and 1 - 5pm every day.
Once you've been accepted to a program through a provider, login with your campus ID and password and complete an application for your program through our application portal. If your program is not listed in our database, please get in touch with a Study Abroad Advisor (if you haven't already) and we will create a generic non-GSU application for you. This application serves two purposes:

1. You can keep track of the things you need to do at Georgia State to make your study abroad a success.
2. Georgia State can keep a record of your participation in case of emergency.

Students participating in provider programs will receive transfer credit for their study abroad experience and must complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form prior to departure. This form should be turned in to the Study Abroad Programs office once complete. For questions about this form, please contact the Study Abroad Programs office at and/or drop by from 9am - noon and 1 - 5pm every day.
Submit the following documents to the Financial Aid Office in person at Enrollment Services or via the dropbox outside Enrollment Services:

  1. Consortium Agreement and copy of approved Transfer Credit Approval Form. You can read more about financial aid for study abroad on our website and please visit the Financial Management Center (Sparks 227/228) to request a referral to speak with a Financial Aid advisor about study abroad.