University System of Georgia (USG) Study Abroad Programs

University System of Georgia (USG) Study Abroad Programs 

If you can’t find a study abroad program through Georgia State that meets your needs, you may want to explore study abroad opportunities through other University System of Georgia (USG) institutions like the University of Georgia or Kennesaw State University. You can search for study abroad programs at USG institutions on the USG Study Abroad website. Keep in mind that this database may not necessarily be the most up-to-date listing of programs, so always make sure to visit the university’s study abroad website if you find a program you’re interested in. Students participating in another USG institution’s study abroad program must apply as transient students to that institution. Your host university should have guidance about applying as a transient student.

In addition to short-term faculty-led programs through other universities, Georgia State University students are eligible to participate in the USG Goes Global study abroad programs, and transfer their study abroad credits back to GSU.  Please visit the USG GG website for additional information regarding programs and the application process. Georgia State University students will apply to these study abroad programs as a transient student through the University of West Georgia.  

Please email  if you are interested in applying to a non-GSU program so that we can create an application for you through the Georgia State application portal. This will help you keep track of the steps you must complete at Georgia State as well as serve as a record of your participation in case of emergency. 

Steps to Apply for a USG Program

Once you've chosen a program, apply directly to the program. You will need to follow the steps that the host institution requires.
Once you've been accepted to a non-GSU program, log in with your campus ID and password and complete an application for your program through our application portal. If the program is not listed in our database, please get in touch.
You can read more about financial aid for study abroad on our website and please visit the Financial Management Center at 227/228 Sparks Hall to request a referral to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor about study abroad. 
This form should be turned in to the Study Abroad Programs Office once complete. For questions about this form, please contact the Study Abroad Programs office at