University System of Georgia (USG) Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad on Any Accredited U.S. Institution’s Program

If you can’t find a study abroad program through Georgia State that meets your needs, you may want to look into study abroad opportunities through other University System of Georgia (USG) institutions like the University of Georgia or Kennesaw State University. You can search study abroad programs at USG institutions on the USG Study Abroad website. Keep in mind that this database may not necessarily be the most up-to-date listing of programs, so always make sure to visit the university’s study abroad website if you find a program you’re interested in. In addition to other USG institutions, students are eligible to study abroad on any accredited university’s program. Students participating in another institution’s study abroad program must apply as transient students to that institution. Your host university should have guidance about applying as a transient student.

Receive Institutional Credit on Some USG Programs

In addition to short-term faculty-led programs through other universities, Georgia State students are eligible to participate in the USG European Council and the USG Asia Council and receive institutional credit. Because Georgia State is a member of these consortia, students participating in the USG European Council and USG Asia Council programs will register for courses at Georgia State while paying the program fee to the sponsoring institution.

The European Council (EC) is a network of colleges and universities in Georgia that provides study abroad opportunities in seven European cities: Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Paris, Madrid, St. Petersburg and Waterford. The EC seeks to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the cultures and societies of Europe by sponsoring summer study abroad programs in seven locations in Europe that last 2-5 weeks. Students in all EC programs blend classroom experiences with group and individual travel as they earn academic credit through their home institutions. Most courses are taught by faculty from EC member institutions and there are a wide range of courses on offer in each program location, including foreign language classes, topics specific to the city you're studying in, and even some core classes. If you're interested in participating in one of the European Council's programs, please contact or stop by the office. Also make sure to read the European Council's FAQ and explore the courses offered in each city: Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Paris, Madrid, St. Petersburg and Waterford.

The Asia Council seeks to promote scholarship, research, and direct experience for the students and faculty of the University System of Georgia through opportunities to study and teach abroad, and through sponsorship of events which highlight Asia in Georgia.

The USG Asia Council offers several study abroad opportunities in Asia during the summer. For more information about the USG Asia Council programs, please visit their study abroad website. Students interested in participating in one of these programs should contact or stop by the office.

Please email if you are interested in applying to a non-GSU program so that we can create an application for your through the Georgia State application portal. This will help you keep track of the steps you must complete at Georgia State as well as serve as a record of your participation in case of emergency.

Steps to Apply for a USG Program

Once you've chosen a program, apply directly to the program. You will need to follow any and all steps that the host institution requires.
Once you've been accepted to a non-GSU program, login with your campus ID and password and complete an application for your program through our application portal. If the program is not listed in our database, please get in touch with a Study Abroad Advisor (if you haven't already) and we will create an application application for you. This application serves two purposes:

1. You can keep track of the things you need to do at Georgia State to make your study abroad a success!
2. Georgia State can keep a record of your participation in case of emergency.

Submit the following documents to the Financial Management Center in person at 227/228 Sparks Hall:

  1. Consortium Agreement (Not required for European Council and Asia Council Programs)
  2. Zell/Hope Program Transient Request (USG programs only, not required for European Council and Asia Council Programs)

You can read more about financial aid for study abroad on our website and please visit the Financial Management Center at 227/228 Sparks Hall to request a referral to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor about study abroad.

*Students participating in programs other than the European Council and Asia Council will receive transfer credit for their study abroad experience and must complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form prior to departure. This form should be turned in to the Study Abroad Programs Office once complete. For questions about this form, please contact the Study Abroad Programs office at and/or drop by during open advising hours from 9am - noon and 1 - 5pm every day.

If you are participating in a European Council or Asia Council Program you will receive institutional credit for your study abroad experience and do not need to submit the Transfer Credit Approval Form. However, you must register for the course(s) on PAWs with help from the Study Abroad Programs office.