Reverse Culture Shock

“Just as studying abroad demanded a number of lifestyle changes, so too does returning home. Ideally, the person you are now returning from abroad is not the same person who left in the first place. You have been transformed intellectually and personally, and have successfully functioned in a culture entirely different from your own. You have new habits, values, and ideas, sometimes without even realizing it! Family, friends, and neighbors may find it difficult to comprehend the changes you have been through, and may expect you to be the same person that left. It can be difficult for them to understand your whole trans-formative experience, and you may find it hard to balance fulfilling old roles and breaking in new ones. This strain and stress can sometimes invoke a sense of helplessness or a loss of identity.” – Megan Lee, “Reverse Culture-Shock: Coming Home After Studying Abroad”

Just as everyone experiences culture shock differently, so too do students experience reverse culture shock. Know that you are always welcome to stop by the Study Abroad Programs Office to discuss your feelings and we host events targeted at returned study abroad students. Our Returned Study Abroad Student landing page has lots of other ideas to help your combat reverse culture shock, including things like volunteering with international students, applying to live in the Global Living LLC through University Housing, and more! Below you will find additional resources about combatting reverse culture shock as we come across them: