Scholarship Service Requirements



Students who receive a scholarship from the GSU Study Abroad Programs Office are responsible for service requirements upon their return from study abroad. The service component of the scholarship you receive is a way to “pay it forward” by sharing your study abroad experience with students here at GSU. Please click on the tab for the scholarship you received for your study abroad for instructions on how to complete your service requirements.

Failure to complete your study abroad scholarship service requirements by the deadline listed below will result in a hold on your student account and you will be unable to register for classes, apply for graduation, receive your diploma or request transcripts. For questions about your Study Abroad Scholarship Service Requirements, please contact us at

Study Abroad Scholarship Service Deadlines

Award Term Date
Fall 2020 May 15, 2021
Spring 2021 end of Fall 2022 semester
Summer 2021 end of Fall 2022 semester

Study Abroad Scholarship recipients must complete the following service requirements for each term they receive a scholarship:

  • Volunteer or Attend Event(s): This is your opportunity to speak to other recently returned study abroad students and students who are interested in studying abroad. Sign-up to volunteer or RSVP to qualifying events by following this link or clicking the button below. You are required to volunteer or attend events based on the amount of the award you received. Please reference the chart below to see what you need to complete in order to fulfill your study abroad scholarship service requirements.
    • Or copy this link into your browser


Award Amount Required Scholarship Service
 $0-$2500 Only submit the online service component!
$2501-$4500 Submit the online service component + 1 volunteer event
$4501-$6500 Submit the online service component + 2 volunteer events
$6501 & up Submit the online service component + 3 volunteer events

Submit Your Online Service Component! 

Sign-Up to Volunteer with Study Abroad Programs 

Alternative volunteer service in support of International Education may be accepted, but you must run it by Tristan Rodenhauser first and you must submit confirmation from a GSU faculty or staff member verifying the nature of your volunteer service. Please submit your proposal to